Understanding your options

Preparing for a good caesarean

If you are planning a caesarean or just want to be prepared in case one should be needed it is worth considering what your option are and making a caesarean birth plan

Is having you baby turned the right option for you?

External Cephalic Version (ECV) should be offer to you if your baby is breech at the end of pregnancy. There are risks and benefits to having your baby turned. If your baby is successfully turned then a vaginal birth would then be planned, but if a problem occured during the procedure an immeditate caesarean would be required.

Look at: the research * what RCOG says.

Are there other ways to get your baby to turn?

Some women feel that exercises and posture have help to get there baby to turn.

Look at: spinning babies website

Is a vaginal breech birth the right option for you?

Many women are led to believe that a vaginal breech birth is very dangerous and a caesarean is safe. This is misleading and inaccurate information. A baby being breech does increases the risk at a birth, but a caesarean does not completely remove those risks and has risks of it own. Having a caesarean also increases the risk of pregnancy and birth for future babies.

Look at: the research * what RCOG says.

Getting support for a vaginal breech birth

Many women who decide that a vaginal breech birth is the right option for them, then struggle to find experienced midwives to support the birth of their baby. Because so many breech babies are now born by caesarean our midwives are losing their skill and confidence in supporting breech birth. There are midwives with these skills, but you may have to be assertive about getting the support you have a right to expect.

Find support to plan your birth: AIMS Helpline * Birthrights * Independent Midwives UK * Hypnobirthing

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